Moroccan, Script, Toile: Which will be your next inspiration?

Did you know something as small as a simple throw pillow on a chair could be the sole source of inspiration to design an entire room?  Or, that same single item could be the one piece that ends up tying a whole room together at the end of a design project.

A simple bed-in-a-bag ensemble from a department store served as the starting point for this project.

Fabric and textiles (such as the bedding ensemble shown here) often serve as a great starting point for me when I am staging a vacant home or working on a re-design project for one of my clients.  If you are contemplating redesigning a space in your own home, I suggest you visit a local fabric store to find what color palette inspires you.  Some people prefer cool blues while others like the loud oranges, pinks or greens.  Some prefer no color at all and are drawn to the pureness of whites and earth tones.

Fabric provides an endless source of color, texture, and design that can be used to cover windows, upholster furniture, or accessorize a room; however, please be wary of purchasing large pieces of furniture covered in “trendy” fabrics (such as an upholstered sofa) that may go out of style before its time.  Instead, purchase a more traditional sofa that will last for years, but dress it up with “trendy” fabric covered pillows. If the pillow fabric wears or goes out of style, it is much easier to replace or update versus buying a whole new large piece of furniture.   Think of the larger pieces of furniture in your home as that classic “black suit” you have in your closet.

When I redesigned the master suite shown here, the home owner asked for a fresh new look without replacing her traditional bedroom suite.  A simple bed-in-a-bag ensemble from a department store served as the starting point for this project.  So by starting with a textile, I was then able to select the subtle Sherwin Williams Jersey Cream paint color that was applied to the walls, the rich dark brown on the tray ceiling, and the upgraded window panels.  The room was styled with various accessories ranging from lamps to vases to complete this space.

Don’t underestimate accessories

Oftentimes when redesigning a room the focus tends to fall on wall color or furniture.  Don’t underestimate the power that accessories can have when providing inspiration to get you started or to serve as that final touch.

Last but not least, here’s the before photo of this master bedroom in case you were wondering what it looked like before getting its makeover:

Master Bedroom Before Makeover

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