Staging & Decorating with Serving Trays

Wicker Tray

I love using trays in staging and home decorating because they can help define a room’s purpose and take a design to the next level.  It’s great when an accessory can be both functional and pretty to look at.  These days serving trays can be found at just about any home décor store in any type of finish including wicker, metal, wood, resin, and leather.  I often use trays in the homes that I stage® whether on a bed with vase of flowers and bottle of wine or in a game room displayed with vintage popcorn boxes and Coca-Cola classic.  Trays can be used to contain and display collections or act an attractive centerpiece on the kitchen table.  With the upcoming Christmas holiday, release your creativity and use items from the season to decorate your tray.  Think hot chocolate and marshmallows, sprigs of holly, pine cones and more.  The tray can be themed or eclectic – the design is all up to you!

Here are different serving trays used to stage vacant and occupied properties:

10_4697 Sierra View Dr 17_4697 Sierra View Dr 08_2003 Bluebonnet La Lemon Tray _MG_8305

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