One of a kind furniture makeovers


Buffet before makeover

Before kids (when I had more time on my hands), I enjoyed dabbling in rehabbing furniture finds from thrift stores and flea markets. Some of the pieces I refurbished we were able to enjoy in our home for years. They were unique and one of a kind. Most recently I stumbled across a wonderful business Facebook page named Creative Brushworks. Owner Robin Puckett specializes in murals, decorative wall finishes, and furniture. Over the last several months I have appreciated Puckett’s before and after photos that she posts on her company Facebook page and wanted to share her work with our readers.

Here we are featuring one of her refurbished side boards. Before tackling a painting project such as this one, make sure the piece of furniture is structurally sound and solid wood is preferred. Unless you have great carpentry skills, only buy something that you can fix up with a little wood glue and wood filler. You can’t fix wobbly legs with a coat of paint! For any paint to have good adhesion, the piece needs to be clean and free of debris.

Next remove all the drawer pulls/hardware. If you like the hardware, you can just clean it up or spray paint it. If you don’t like it, replace it. Any doors should be removed and painted separately. Be sure to glue any loose joints and fill any holes/gaps with wood filler if needed. Then sand the piece to remove surface scratches, smooth out any repairs and to lightly scuff up high gloss finishes. It is highly recommended that you wear a dust mask while sanding.

After sanding the piece should be cleaned (be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands). Puckett uses powdered TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) mixed with water in a bucket and then wipes it down with a cloth. She rinses the cloth frequently in the water solution to remove any debris (note TSP is sold at hardware and paint stores, read directions carefully). If only light cleaning is needed, you can use a cleaner like Simple Green. If the piece needed heavy sanding or repair you should prime it before painting.

Next comes the fun part where you begin to see results – painting! There are many different types of paints out there, but Puckett’s favorite is Paint Couture, a low VOC, 100% acrylic paint formulated just for furniture and cabinets. The paint line also includes pre-mixed glazes and sealers so you can purchase everything you need for a custom finish. This paint is sold through several local distributors which you can find on If you decide to stain part of a piece like she did for the buffet featured here, she recommends MinWax stains.

After makeover

After makeover

For ideas and inspiration, look at home décor magazines such as HGTV and Don’t be afraid of bright colors! You can also use stencils, stamps, even decoupage paper on to your furniture. Replacing or spray painting the drawer handles/hardware on a piece can make a big difference. There are all types of metal spray paints available that work great on hardware. Be sure to have fun with your project, it’s so rewarding to see how amazing an old piece can look freshened up with paint!

1920's cabinet before makeover

1920’s cabinet before makeover

During makeover, before glazing

During makeover, before glazing

1920's cabinet after makeover

1920’s cabinet after makeover

All photos provided by Robin Puckett, Owner 

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